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35mm slide scanning to disc or USB from 30p

35mm slideWe specialise in converting your old slides to high quality digital images.

We convert over a thousand slides per day to high quality digital images using our number #1 rated slide scanning service.

All 35mm based slides, including Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides are scanned at 4000dpi, giving an average image size of around 5276 x 3564 pixels which is equivalent to around 18 megapixels.

Each slide is cleaned prior to scanning and is returned on either disc or a USB device.


Cleaned before scanning

Before scanning, each slide is individually blown with clean filtered compressed air to remove the loose dust and dirt particles. During the scanning process all colour films and slies are digitally processed with infrared detection to remove any remaining dust and scratch defects.


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Number of slides to scan  

What can you do with the images?

Our slide scanning service makes your slides usable again with todays technology allowing you to easily your old 35mm slides on your computer or TV, smartphone, tablet or digital photo frame. They are also easy to share with friends or family using social media, such as Facebook or email. Also, with our Easy Share option you can easily share the images online with anyone you wish.

We have converted over 1,000,000 slides to digital images for thousands of customers and are waiting to transfer yours.

Service details

  • 4000dpi scan : Image size 5276 x 3564 pixels : 8 - 12MB JPG or 108MB Tiff file
  • Scanned using high quality dedicated 35mm scanners
  • Cleaned with filtered compressed air prior to scanning
  • Includes Digital ICE to remove dust and scratches
  • Includes colour and contrast adjustments in Photoshop®
  • "Touch up", "Professional" and "Raw" upgrades available
  • Batches will be saved into named folders
  • Free return delivery when you spend £50
  • Free courier collection and return when you spend £250
  • Fast Track Express service available

Which slides can we scan?

All types of 2" slides including 35mm, Half frames, 126, Super 35mm and 110 mounted slides, either card, plastic or glass mounted.

Larger 127 "Super slides" and unmounted slide film are scanned separately

127 "Super slides"35mm slides

127 "Super slides" are the same 2" frame size as regular 35mm slides but with a larger viewing aperture (opening) of 40mm x 40mm, as opposed to 35mm x 24mm for regular 35mm film.

We will scan these as regular 35mm slides but you should be aware that a considerable portion of the image will be lost.

If you wish to have the whole frame captured then they will have to be scanned using our 127 "Super slide" scanning service.