Our current workload

The figures below are a live direct feed from our processing system and show the total number of photographs, slides and film negatives that we are currently scanning or are held in our processing queue. The figures will automatically update once an order is completed or when new orders arrive and are booked into the system.


Orders in progress or queued : 23
Photographs in queue : 1,720
35mm slides in queue : 6,202
Other film negatives : 687
Incoming orders : 46

So how long will my order take ?

The times detailed below are a guide to how long we expect to take to complete your order and notify you of completion. These elapsed times are used to calculate a rough estimated completion date when your order arrives with us. All days are "working" days, I.E. Monday - Friday and start from the day your order arrives.


All Slides / film negatives

Under 500 : up to 10 days
500+ : 10 - 14 days
1000+ : 15+ days

Loose photos
Under 500 : up to 10 days
500+ : up to 8 days
1000+ : 10 - 15 days

Photo albums 15+ days

Please Note: The above times are estimates based on our Standard, Basic and Raw processing service. The Touch up and Professional services will likely extend the above times due to the extra time taken to process each image.

The unpredictability of scanning old films sometimes means it takes us longer than expected to complete an order, this can cause a delay on subsequent orders and can cause us to miss our estimated completion dates.

We cannot predict when an order will arrive with us, a sudden influx of orders arriving with us, or a number of "Fast Track" orders can also cause us to miss the completion dates.

Some larger orders are simply estimates by the customer on the perceived quantity of items. It is not uncommon for some orders to be considerably larger than what was originally ordered. Such orders obviously take us longer to complete and will extend the completion date of subsequent orders.

If you have a deadline to meet, it is always best to mention this when placing the order so we can try to fit your order in around other non urgent orders.

The times stated above are estimates and are subject to change without notice. We cannot be held responsible for any order which exceeds the times stated above.