DVD and Blu-ray video slideshows


We can now create a DVD or HD Blu-ray video slideshow of your images, which can play in your standard DVD or Blu-ray player. The slideshows are a great way to see your images, allowing you to sit back and watch them on your TV.

Each slideshow shows a single image at a time and are designed to run for around 1 hour, but you can choose the length of the video if required. We generally set the images to show between 7 - 9 seconds each, but we can vary the amount of time to show each image to fit around a set timescale. These slideshows are limited to a maximum of 500 images.


Music or no music ?

Each video can be set to music of various genres, such as Classical, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Ambient, pop or Latin. You can even have themed music such as Christmas or Halloween.

The music we use is licensed under a "Creative Commons" agreement which is free to distribute, we cannot use our own copyrighted music from CD or digital download. We also cannot download music from YouTube or any other online streaming service.

If you prefer peace and quiet we can remove the music altogether.

DVD or Blu-ray ?

The images we create are High Definition ready, so If you have a Blu-ray player why not upgrade to a HD version of the slideshow. Prices start from just £29.00.


How much are they?

  DVD Disk Blu-ray slideshow upgrade
Basic slideshow

Up to 500 images
£16.50 £29.00
Additional copy £4.50 each. £10.50 each.


Would you like to order a Slideshow?

Video Slideshow DVD Video slideshow
A rolling video of your images that plays on your regular DVD player
Additional copies @ £4.50

How many
Video Slideshow Blu-ray Video Slideshow
HD Blu-ray disc version of the video slideshow
Additional copies @ £10.50

How Many