Professional options

Many of our clients are professional or serious amateur photographers, but even home users can benefit from some of our professional options.

Pro options are available for selection from within your quotation.

Tiff files

Tiff format

We normally return all images in the standard JPG format which are useful for the vast majority of applications, even large scale poster printing. Professional users may however require more control over the image, this is where TIFF format files can be utilised.

TIFF files are "lossless", meaning the file is not compressed and reduced in size or detail. However, these files are very large when compared to a regular JPG version. A typical 35mm slide scanned at 4000 dpi saved in JPG format will be around 7MB, whereas when saved in TIFF format it would be approximately 108MB. File sizes increase rapidily for larger film types, for examples, Large format 5" x 4" sheet films are typically over 500MB each.

It doesn't take very long for the total size of a batch of Tiff files to grow to large proportions, a few hundred Tiff files can soon fill a hard drive on a regular computer. Therefore you will need to ensure your computer is capable of handling and storing a large quantity of Tiff files.

Larger orders that require the Tiff format will be returned on a USB stick or external USB drive free of charge.

Colour Gamut

Colour spaces

sRGB is the common standard used on Microsoft Windows® operating systems and all our images are returned in this colour space as standard, but professional users may prefer a wider gamut colour space. We can scan your film or photos the most common colour spaces such as sRGB, Adobe RGB, Apple RGB, ColorMatch RGB, ProPhoto RGB or ECI RGB.

Digital ICE

Digital ICE

Digital ICE 4 is used as standard on all colour film and slide transfers to detect and remove the vast majority of dust and scratches. If you prefer that we don't use this techonology then please let us know.

Digital ICE 4 does not function on black and white film due to the chemicals on the film interfereing with the infra-red light used to detect the particles. It also doesn't function on photographs.

Digitize only

Raw scans

If you are planning on processing the images yourself, then you may wish to select one of our "Raw" options, which remove all colour processing from the scanned images, giving you the basic RAW output from the scanner.

Raw scans are normally returned as JPG files, but we can return them as 48bit RGB Tiff files or 64bit DNG (Digital NeGative) files.


Other options

If you have any other requirements then please contact us.