What does it cost?

All photos under A4 in size are charged at the same price. A4 - A3 sized photos are charged at a higher cost.
Film negatives and transparencies are priced according to their size. To get a price simply choose the type of film or slide you have to scan from the list of film types on our scanning page and enter the number of items you have to scan. We scan loose photos, photo wallets and framed photos, all sizes of film negatives / transparencies and mounted slides. Bulk discounts apply depending on the quantity of items you are sending us.

Get an instant online quotation

Once you have entered the quantity of items you have, your quotation will be displayed, you can amend the quantities and processing types and add any optional extras. Multiple film types such as slides, film negatives and photos can be added to the same quotation.

When you are ready to order, click the Order now button at the bottom of the quotation page. Once you have registered your details, the order will be placed into your online account. Confirmation will be displayed on the screen and a confirmation email summary will also be sent to you.

If you don't want to order online you can simply print out the quotation and include it in your shipped order to us, or you can download a paper order form to complete and include in your package.

If you find any of this too difficult, feel free to call us, or simply write a note with your contact details and send everything to us. Our address is at the bottom of the page.


Sending the items to us


Carefully pack everything into a padded envelope or suitable box, making sure any voids are filled with suitable packing material to avoid the items moving around during transit. Loose lided containers may open during transit, so always try to ensure everything is secure and won't move around.

Slides can be packaged loose or in their current containers, carousels or boxes, it doesn't matter to us. If you have a large number of slide carousels it might be easier and cheaper to remove the slides from the carousel for shipping. Simply take them out in the order you want them scanned and secure them together with a double wrapped elastic band to maintain the order while shipping. Any name or event you wish us to group the slides with can be attached the bundle.

Large or heavy orders should be sent in double walled cardboard boxes, plastic storage boxes tend to crack and break during transit, potentially spilling the contents.

Include your order number, (or full contact details if you haven't placed an online order) in the package. A handy Adobe PDF address label can also be found and printed from the contact page. Attach the shipping label and also your return address in case of any problems.

If your order qualifies for free collection, or you have selected a courier collection service, simply let us know when and from where the package can be collected along with a rough estimate of the dimensions and weight of the box. Once the courier is booked we will send you a prepaid label to attach to the box.

If you are sending items by Royal Mail, we recommend using their Special Delivery service.


What happens next ?

film to digital scannerOnce we receive your order we let you know it has safely arrived, normally by email. Your order is then checked and placed into the scanning queue.

Once your order is completed we check the number of items scanned against the quantity ordered, adjusting the quantities of your order where necessary.

Any inspection service you ordered is also carried out at this time.

We then notify you of the order completion and request payment. Payment can be made through your online account. An invoice for your records can also be printed when viewing your online order.

You have the option to change the return shipping method from within your online account. A list of shipping methods and costs will be displayed when you view your order. You can make any change to the shipping method prior to making payment.


How long does it take ?

Timescales are dependent on the quantity of items in your order and how busy we are when your order arrives. See our order queue page for a guide to how long your order may take.

Tracking your order

You can track the status of your order at any time by logging into your online account, the current status of your order is always shown along with an estimated date of completion.

What you get back

ShippingAll your original items are returned along with a disc or USB memory stick containing your digital images. Once we ship your items (using the return delivery method you requested), we inform you of the shipping date and of any associated tracking references so that you can track the delivery of your item.

Once you receive your items, either via Royal Mail or a courier service all you have to do is insert the media into your PC or Mac to see the images.

Most DVD / blu-ray players will also play a slideshow of the JPG images onto your TV. Some digital TV's also allow you to connect a USB memory stick and view the images directly from there.