Digital Noise Filtering 50p

What is Digital Noise?

35mm slides

All images from digital cameras and scanners, will contain some form of electronic noise. The darker the original image the more noise is created as the sensor has to expose the film for a longer length of time.

De-noise processing is done using a state of the art software product that is designed to lower and remove digital noise and film grain from any digital image. The de-noise software removes the noise from within the image resulting in a clearer and smoother image as can be seen in the example below.

The software has to be configured for each individual image by our technicians in order to get the best results from your images, this is therefore reflected in the surcharge cost per image.

Noise filtering example

Original image

(Small section of a 35mm slide. 200% zoom close up)
Before noise removal

Noise filtered and removed

After noise removal



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