About us


Film Scan UK Ltd was incorporated in February 2015, though since 2005 we have traded under the name of Exposure 22. We took the decision to rename the company while incorporating to reflect the service that we provide.

We are a small family run business with extensive experience in all forms of photography and IT services and so we are well suited to resolving any photography or IT related problem. We have been scanning slides, films and performing photo repairs commercially since 2005, though prior to this we performed scans and repairs for non commercial use.

With over 2 million scans of photos, slides and film negatives, you can be assured that our service is second to none and by sending your items to be scanned or repaired they will be given the care and attention you would expect.

Our design emphasis is based on quality and not productivity, which means we prefer to produce top quality results rather than fast throughput and returns. So while we may not be as fast as some of our competitors we are sure the results are worthwhile.

We scan thousands of images per week from small orders of a few frames to large orders of 5000 items or more. We are able to meet any sized project, either large or small. Small projects are generally fit around large projects that can sometimes take weeks or months to complete.

Each order is treated as if they are our own precious images, as we know the images that you send to us are generally of lost family members or happy memories of wedding days or other special occasions. Your images will be treated with the care they deserve and stored safe and secure while with us. The cleaning process each image goes through before scanning will also ensure your images are clean and free of the dust and debris built up over the years.


4 main reasons why we believe our services are excellent value for money:

  1. State of the art dedicated scanning equipment and many years expertise in scanning and photo repairs
  2. A healthy reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. We always make sure that every customer is treated with a professional service mixed with a personal touch.
  3. A broad range of included features with every scan, which are generally an additional cost with our competitors, ensures our service is equal and in most cases better value for money.
  4. Cost is often the final decision and fortunately our costs are as low and in most cases lower than our competitors.


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